New Home

we have moved home, we loved it here (fart noise) but in the end we wanted our own space.

find us at


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Caribou & whatever else attracts hits

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Video and a half…


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Bon Iver, P.O.S. & 21 other ‘fresh kids’

This actually makes me so wet that I’m compelled to sign on & share it with you ne’er-do-wells. From so-called super group “Gayngs”, it promotes the shameless art of downloading all of a chosen artists possible affiliates in the hopes of finding something decent like never before.

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I need Dollar…Dollar…Dollar is what I need


IMG Source: Fancast

Featured in the tv show, How to Make it in America (from the makers of Entourage), comes a new gem about two NYC twenty-somethings trying to make it big in the fashion industry. As well as being another fine piece of work by producer Mark Wahlberg and co., it sports an epic theme song, ‘I need a dollar’ by Aloe Blacc:

Expect to see a lot of Aloe in the future, this dude can sing…

Hit him up with a dollar…Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar (How to Make It In America) - EP - I Need a Dollar (How to Make It In America)


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Nosaj Ting

Nosaj Thing is a DJ/Producer from California. Pay special attention to the Reckoner Remix….

MP3: Radiohead – Reckoner (NosajThingRemix)

MP3: Nosaj Thing – Aquarium

MP3: Daedelus – It’s Madness (NosajThingRemix)

Nosaj Thing

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Massive attack on the lower vertebrae

I have a long & sordid history with Massive Attack but this probably remains my favourite of their songs. Coming from what was, for me, their seminal (no that’s nothing to do with semen, Jamie) album Mezzanine I can’t imagine a track more deserving of a decent sound-system. It’s sending chills up my spine while I weep for having to listen through my laptop speakers. 😥

EDIT: Forgot to say it’s called Black Milk, which is also a reason to love it. I’ve always wanted to drink some black milk.

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