Lets say for argument’s sake that I started giving a shit about music 10 years ago. In that time, more music has come and gone than you or I could ever hope to listen to. It’s that sense of missed music opportunity that makes me go a little further to find the best music out there. Some songs I must have because I love them instantly, some songs because I see potential in them and others because I might never hear them again. The songs I really like are ones that make me happy, the ones that make me sad. But best of all, the songs that take me to another place. So in the past 10 years of my music fueled life, one song has taken me to that other place more times than any.

MP3: Radiohead – Creep (Acoustic)
Radiohead - Pablo Honey (Collector's Edition) - Creep (Acoustic)

Of all the people to cover this song, Scala and Kolacny show them how they do.

MP3: Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Creep (Radiohead Cover) ♥♥♥♥♥
Kolacny Brothers & Scala - Dream On - Creep

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