If dreams had soundtracks…

…then Pierre Lefeuvre writes the score.

Today, I discovered un groupe Parisien called SayCet, and how glad I am that I did! Just a 1 minute 37 second teaser for their forthcoming album Through the Window and I was hooked…

On top of Pierre’s sombre approach, Zita Cochet’s translation of la musique into the accompanying motion picture is as equally pleasing to the eye as Phoene Somsavath’s whispery voice is to the ear.

Together, the trio produce nothing short of sonic heartbreak; the kind of stuff that really, really pulls at the heartstrings, making you stop and wonder just what the hell it is you are doing with your life.

At their up-coming gig at Café de la Danse I wouldn’t be surprised if the audience is left wondering whether to cheer or cry … I’ll leave you with Bruyère while I go get the Kleenex.


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3 Responses to If dreams had soundtracks…

  1. Alice says:

    Great post, I had no idea about SayCet until I saw the Opalowsky remix here at Empreintes-digitales.

    You are bookmarked :p

  2. Cornedbeef says:

    Thanks, I was unaware of this remix so thank you to you too =D


  3. Alice says:

    I love my C-Beef with HP Sauce. Yum!

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