I had one of those sickening moments this morning when I realised the song I listened to when I was a kid wasn’t actually the original. I should have guessed, because the trance era is jam-packed full of 70s and 80s remakes. *Hangs head in shame

So anyway, this is the eerie original I discovered on the radio this morning. That is an excellent barnet he’s sporting, I’m sure he used to visit his coiffeur daily, lmao:

Then the remake by Tenth Planet, remixed by Vincent De Moor. I used to go ape sh1t to this stuff…I’ll have to dig out my vinyl and give it a spin this afternoon 😀

MP3: Tenth Planet – Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix)

FYI: V. De Moor’s biggest success around the year 2000 was ‘Fly Away’, which will definitely ring a bell for those unfamiliar with the above.

MP3: Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Original Instrumental)

Tenth Planet - Ghosts (Remixes) - Ghosts Hit up Tenth Planet with $ for their efforts.


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