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Video and a half…

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I need Dollar…Dollar…Dollar is what I need

Featured in the tv show, How to Make it in America (from the makers of Entourage), comes a new gem about two NYC twenty-somethings trying to make it big in the fashion industry. As well as being another fine piece … Continue reading

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I had one of those sickening moments this morning when I realised the song I listened to when I was a kid wasn’t actually the original. I should have guessed, because the trance era is jam-packed full of 70s and … Continue reading

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If dreams had soundtracks…

…then Pierre Lefeuvre writes the score. Today, I discovered un groupe Parisien called SayCet, and how glad I am that I did! Just a 1 minute 37 second teaser for their forthcoming album Through the Window and I was hooked… … Continue reading

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Let’s just say Don McLean would probably feel like he’d had a fat $!%£ straight up after hearing this…

Okay, so this is my first contribution to what I hope will be many on this subterranean apocalypse of epic tunes and scantily clad women. My journey through the annals of music began with the melody, then took a fork … Continue reading

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